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My first blog post! Feels a little weird to me in an Agent Cooper talking to Diane kind of way -but let's just get started. Before I start about my current projects I think it's nice to give you some background in things I did earlier.

So, somewhere around 2013 me and 2 friends came up with the idea of doing a remake of the 90's housebroek made from recycled fabrics. Being an illustration artist I had never made clothing before so it was kind of experimental but super fun. Mainly 90's duvet covers with hysterical prints worked well. We called it Née and made a small collection of the Pantalon the Maison with a tiny version for toddlers as well, which were available in some conceptstores and online. But as the three of us also had other work and interests, Née didn't last.

I took a little break from clothing, but still really intrigued by the idea of being able to make my own stuff, I started again shortly after. As these 90's fabrics and aesthetics were still a big inspiration to me, I started making things by the name 'CAMP'. At the time, my focus was mainly on the prints, not so much on the sustainability facet of making these things from used fabrics. I was obsessed, literally, by making this clothing. I would sit behind my sewing machine day and night, taking sewing lessons, figuring out pattern making, hunting for fabrics, doing photoshoots, creating a collection.

Somewhere around may 2014, I released the whole thing at Opperclaes launching a webshop at the same time.

Fortunately/unfortunately, I was offered a job exactly that same time as an illustrator/product designer for retail. You should know I graduated in 2010 and since then only had side jobs in restaurants so..I was kinda struggling, moneywise.

I took the job, figuring I could do both; run a webshop and continue seeking awesome fabrics and making clothes, whilst working 40 hours a week.

Of course, that didn't work. I chose a steady income over my passion for making apparel and Camp too, faded.

We're 5 years later now, and I must say, quitting Camp back then still makes me feel a little sad sometimes but I've grown in another direction that brought me good things too.

Meanwhile, my interest in contributing to a more sustainable planet has grown a lot, which also made the concept of repurposing old fabrics and clothing increasingly relevant. About 2 years ago I've watched a few documentaries on fast fashion, like The True Cost & River Blue, and from then on ..I just really didn't want to support fast fashion brands any longer.

Also, there's just something about making your own things that makes them feel so much more special and valuable. Doing that really made me realise the effort that goes into making a piece of clothing. So..long story short: I've started making things again.

I started Marie Kondo-ing my closet, putting aside about 10 pieces of clothing I haven't been wearing for a looong time. Now I sort of have this mission/challenge to try to turn everything on that pile into something I will wear or use again, and write this blog about it to keep a little diary for myself and -hopefully- inspire others.

I kicked off with these flashy rainpants here. Once bought at a thrift store because of the colours, it just laid around in my drawer for at least 4 years. To find out what it turned into, read my next post.

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